Franki Costa: CIO, Chief Inspiration Officer

Born in Korea and narrowly escaped from being served as an appetizer, she made her long journey to her new home. With all the turmoil in her young life, she still manages to inspire everyone, bring smiles to all and love unconditionally. Her spirit and love of life has brought a new perspective that evokes wonderful emotions and a sense of caring.
Franki has been taking classes at the prestigious national learning institute, Petco, so she can visit pediatric hospitals and senior living facilities to bring joy to the people who need inspiration and love the most.
Where does she find the time to take classes, visit people to share her love, start a company to help communities and walk her roommate 3-4 times a day.
She truly is a Wonder Dog!

Rudy Costa, V.P. Of Stuff

Okay, you’ve met Franki…and you’ve heard the expression, “You can’t teach an old dogs new tricks.” Well, we beg to differ. With the help of Franki, our inspiration, Rudy has seen the light. For almost 30 years, he was one of the leading reps in the country promoting product fundraising.
After leaving the industry 12 years ago, Rudy pursued one of his bucket list items- acting. Although it was a lot of fun, he realized he was way too old to be a starving actor and he decided to get back to what he loves most, helping people in need. “This time, NO product fundraising, No fundraising, period!” says our V.P. Of Stuff. “It just doesn’t make sense anymore. High prices, smaller products, missing and damaged items, led to lower participation rates and less funds with the same amount of effort..”
So, after much thought and research, Franki and Rudy decided to join the digital age. Putting together a digital donation platform for organizations in need. Rudy has developed a program that connects people with real issues and real solutions.

Therese Davis, Chief Financial Officer

Therese has been an important part of our group since 1995. She has been vital to our group by applying her many skills and assets. Always ready to help clients or other members of the group to resolve issues, she will literally do whatever it takes.
Therese has taken on yet another role as our C.F.O. and General Manager.  As a major advocate of saving and rescuing animals, she is so excited to be part of a platform that directs attention to help support animal rescues, along with other targeted markets.

Vladyslav Nykoliuk, Software Engineer

Born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Vladyslav and his family came to New York 9 years ago. Although he is astute in all phases of computer science, he decided to continue his studies as the world of technology is forever changing. He is very excited about being part of the Imagine If… Team and contributing to the development of our current program, and future programs. He works mostly behind the scenes where he seems most comfortable, but don’t think for a second that he is shy. When not typing on the keyboard at work, you may see him on stage, playing the piano or plucking the guitar with his band for the crowd. He is our very own Rock Star in the computer world and the music world. He graduated from the Ukrainian Music Institute of America where he studied piano. If that isn’t enough on his plate, he also sings in The Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York.  We are so elated that he chose Imagine If Community Donations to guide us into the future.

Karen P. Costa, Chief Consultant

Since she was 12 years old, Karen always enjoyed helping others, especially her Dad in the world of fundraising. After college, she worked side by side with her Dad in the New York area. Entering the industry with a fresh point of view, she developed programs that drove sales upward in a declining market. Deciding to take a break to raise her kids, she has rejoined her Dad and company in this new digital arena. Karen will be guiding organizations through their campaigns as Chief Consultant.

 Jaz Roberts, Communications Coordinator 

Born to a family that migrated to the United States from the tiny South Pacific nation of Samoa, Jaz grew up in a gorgeous beachside city in the American south. From a very young age, she was taught the importance of community, a quintessential part of Samoan culture. As a kid, Jaz was regarded as a storyteller in her home, a quality that she would carry with her into her adult years.
After achieving her Bachelors in Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016, Jaz would find herself trying to figure out a way to do what she loves to do: share stories and help communities.
By joining Imagine If’s team as the resident communications coordinator, Jaz is thrilled that she’ll be able to do what she does best to make an impact by helping people through sharing their stories in the digital realm. When Jaz isn’t working or experimenting on her creative flavor, you can find her trying new recipes on her family, avoiding taking photos (hence the sunglasses in 95% of her pictures), collecting enough makeup to start her own cosmetic empire and babying her two pitbulls, Kiki and Ruby.

miranda johnson Miranda Johnson, Social Media Manager

Los Angeles born, Miranda has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising. When she started college she didn’t know what she wanted to do but was always told you need to get a degree. She finally found her route after hearing an open house speech at the Art Insitute from her now mentor. She loves being able to help people and seeing them happy, which is one of the reasons she volunteers for Forge 54, another nonprofit that gathers creatives and marketers together once a year to help other nonprofits. During school, she won an ADDY for a mock-up of an app for South West.

By joining Imagine If’s team, she is able to continue helping people and using her degree and background. 

As a hobby, I love to read, listen to all different kinds of music, or watching T.V/movies, especially Asian dramas. You will almost always find me on my phone reading or watching something and/or listening to music. She loves the Korean boy band BTS and because of them plans to travel to South Korea one day to experience their culture and food that she has fell in love with.