Since 1983 Rudy Costa has been the leader in helping organizations raise resources for their needs. Along the way, Therese Davis, Rudy’s sister, joined the team and collectively their innovation, and ability to adapt, has kept them in front of their competitors. Our newest addition is Karen Costa, Rudy’s daughter. She has grown up in the world of fundraising, working with her Dad, developing and servicing various accounts. She is bringing a fresh look to our Company. The world is forever moving forward, so join OUR FAMILY in the New Age of digital platform donations.


  1. Our desire is to help as many communities, organizations and folks as possible by recognizing the needs and providing the solutions, but it doesn’t stop there.
  2. We have developed “Across the Board”, a feature that is our pride and joy. Any campaign that exceeds their goal will have the opportunity to donate some or all of their overage to a charity we have embraced, or an organization of their choice.
  3. As we grow, we train and hire people in need of work: Single parents, someone who is home bound due to a physical disability or other issue, retirees, etc.
  4. We offer, at no cost to your campaign, OUR REWARDS PROGRAM, using National Brand Online Stores for your Donors, increasing your
    Donor rate by 143%. Donors can save thousands of dollars. We also offer a gift to just register, donating is optional. Also, keep an eye out
    for our BONUS REWARDS.


Who We Are:

Imagine If  is a Community Donation Platform. We are an extension of you. We are just like the people in your community looking to help local groups and organizations get the funding they need.

We understand your needs and concerns. Why? Because we are your family, your friends, your neighbors, members of your community who get involved and help to find solutions to problems.

Who Benefits from using our Program:

  • Organizations, people and animals in need.
  • Donors, who receive rewards.

Why a Community Donation Platform Vs. Product Fundraising:

  • No more children involvement.
  • No more allergy or nutritional issues.
  • No more selling, carrying money or products. Let’s keep our children safe!
  • No more disruptions in the course of the organization’s routine. If you are a school,  NO MORE…ASSEMBLY KICKOFFS…WOOHOO!
  • No more paying for overpriced products, waiting 8-12 weeks, or longer.
  • No more dealing with missing and damaged product.
  • No more using up volunteers’ time.
  • No more physical labor.
  • No more keeping track of  “everything”. We provide you with all data of the campaign, upon request.
  • Earn and keep more of your money.


Trusting IMAGINE IF is the most important aspect of your campaign. All of our campaigns are completely transparent, start to finish. Tell us what you think, so we can continue being your best solution.

  • All community campaigners are accountable for upholding a high level of integrity, as we keep an eye on all activities.
  • Donations go to the listed cause(s), unless changes are indicated on their campaign page, by the campaign committee.
  • All donor rewards will be honored according to the rewards chart.
  • Donations will be sent to the committee anytime, upon request, so committee can view its progress.
  • Donations raised get distributed at the conclusion of the campaign.
  • Any suspicious activity should be reported to or ON OUR CONTACT PAGE, asap!
  • We are a community donation platform- contributing to a cause for the purpose of bettering a community, by its community.